Episode 36 is live! Les Garçons Stupide Do it Themselves 06.02.2007
It's video time again and for the this episode I brought you another documentory/making of. It was filmed last year during the summer and most of the editing was done along time ago but I had trouble finding time to finish it. so now I finally decided to release it so I can move on to other things. Enjoy!
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Episode 35 is live! We're still not dead yet 04.21.2007
So it's been a while, a long while... In fact this episode was recorded a long time ago but I've just had the time to post it now. The show is Dennis, Simon and I talking about CG. Enjoy!
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Episode 34 is live! A year in Review + Mail 01.27.2007
Dennis, Richard and I take a look back on 2006 and discuss it while using the CG society retrospective as reference, plus since Mineal asked for it so much I read the mail plus the "hate" mail. I hope you enjoy it because towards the end it becomes one quite weird. :)
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Episode 33 is live! Total Textures discs 1-6 Reviewed 11.27.2006
I reviewed the Total Texture discs, I hope you enjoy this episode and find it useful, plus there's a mini contest/give away in the show where you have the chance to win a Total Texture disc!
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