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Episode 3 is live! Final Fantasy and Reactor! 05.28.2006

Episode 2 is live! Spectacular 05.28.2006
This episode was better and much more dynamic than the last especially since therewere 3 of us talking.

In this episode we discussed many things like 3dtotal''s new magazine ''3dcreative'', CGtalks new contest ''Spectacular'' and next generation real time graphics.

Send us your questions and comments and we might read them out on the show, we also think it would be fun if you send a .wav or mp3 file no longer than 30seconds so we can play it on the show and answer questions and so on

I''d like to that Mark Pintar and Franklyn D''souza for co-hosting with me.
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Episode 1 is live! The First 05.28.2006




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